Important things we need you to know!

We personally use DoTerra Essential Oil's.  We do sell them (not on this site look for links in the about section) but that doesn't mean they are the only company in town. 

  • What we do want to say up front is PLEASE KNOW THE SELLER !!!!!!!!!!   What we mean by that is Amazon is not the place to get your oils.  Sadly there are folks out there that will take advantage of unknowing folks and resell oil's in repackaged bottles - after diluting the oil's. 

So please know who you are getting your oil's from.  Like we did, please do your research. Chose the company that feels right for you.

Since we do use DoTerra Oil's the names of the blends we mention may be different with another company. 

  • Please understand not every one will react the same way to oils.  Just because I can apply Lavender oil directly to my skin doesn NOT mean that you will be able to.
  • When we mention a specific number of drops we mean it.  True Essential Oil's are quite strong.  What we mean by that is if we say use 1-2 drops although it doesn't sound like a lot that is trully all you will need. Some times we will add that more can be used if you prefer but not always.

Although we sell DoTerra Oil's we are putting this site together to help others.  We only put on the site what we know.  Nothing is a guarentee to work it is just what we have found to work.  There may be some times that we will add something that didn't work for us but did for someone else, but we will say that.  Please read and understand any warnings that we put on each page.  They are there for a reason....