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Honey Bee's Oil's was created out of love and frustration.  Joking....sort of.  See the contributors Melanie and Melissa started using DoTerra Oil's around 2014 and have done quite a bit of researching and trial and error to find what works and what doesn't work.  The name Honey Bee came from me Melissa - I love building websites and sharing with others and my name in Greek means HoneyBee.  Although Melanie started the journey and will contribute to the site she has her own site she works on.  We both do.  So take a look around below to see how to contact us or see the other sites we run.  Your bound to learn something!

Melissa - AKA HoneyBee -

I'm a Mom of 2 kids and still learning every day what it means to be a Mother.  I work fulltime as well so learning how to use Essential Oil's is important as taking medication just isn't always an option, shopping takes too long, and vet bills are way too much.  Along with learning and using Essential Oil's I also manage some other sites. 

Here is how you can contact me or find what else I am up too:

Melanie - AKA Mother Bugs -

A Mom of 4 kids and loving every minuet of it.  She works hard as a avid blogger and keeping her family happy and healthy.  Using Essential Oil's was a must for her when it comes to keeping up with 4 active kids. 

Here is how you can contact Melanie or find out what else she is up too: